Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Hanging dirty linen in public

In the morning and evening switching on to some FM stations in Kenya and you hear something like this:

We are talking about Jane (not her real name), she is complaining that she’s been denied conjugal rights by her husband for 2 months now. She is now wondering what to do and even contemplating getting into an affair with another man.

People are asked to call with advice and comments, some comments are very nasty like a man asking her to look for him, he can do the work very well, some lady advising her to get into an affair and so many more.

The other example is a lady calling another station saying she doesn’t trust her husband or boyfriend so the lady presenter decides to call the man, pretending to be calling from a company to present the man with tickets for a romantic night for two. He will then be asked whether he will be going with his wife or girlfriend, the man not aware that he is being busted like the name of the program, will declare that he is not married and will be taking his girlfriend with him. He will be asked to repeat and he will do so not knowing that the wife is listening on the other side, at that point he will be asked are you sure you are not married then they will connect the wife and tell her you heard. An argument will ensue between husband and wife on air until the man decides to disconnect.

As much as relationships have problems and a lot of marriages are not working, I don’t think this is the right channel to address or solve such issues. There are counselors all over, one can even go to their religious leaders for counseling and advice. Friends and family can also come in but not FM stations.

My appeal to woman and men who take this option to solve their problems,

Please style up!

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African Women said...

People should style up and stop airing this dirty linen in public. How about you solve your domestic issues in private?