Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Maternity fees scrapped

Expectant mothers can now delivery their babies in Kenyan dispensaries and health centers, without worry of how they will pay, thanks to Health Minister Mrs. Charity Ngilu for scrapping maternity fees (though this is not applicable to those undergoing caesarean section).

The move was long overdue with high rate of child and mother mortality during pregnancy and childbirth. The idea of having Maternity wings in dispensaries and health centers is wise since most district hospitals up country are far. Transport in most parts of the country is a major problem hence women are most of the time transported to hospitals in wheelbarrows or boda boda (bicycles). It is sad to hear that women deliver on the way to the hospital or died before reaching there due to complications.

This is a noble move by the government

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African Women said...

Women can now get maternal health care. No more maternal deaths