Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Politics or pulpit where does the woman excel

This is an article that has been sent by a friend who feels that women are pressing for equality in political issues and not in spiritual matters.

The Kenyan woman is now coming in man’s areas of responsibilities. Jobs that were previously reserved for men, in the African context, are now being pursued by women. The initial indication shows that the women are doing extremely well.

I have tried to compare the women performance in two areas (politics and pulpit) and I think that they have performed well in politics than on pulpit. Women are pushing for affirmative action in politics and social position but not in church position. We all know well that the main stream churches in this country are headed by men and the women don’t complain. But looking at the positions in political arena, they want an increased representation.

What are we reading from this? Is Kenyan woman more secular and less interested in spiritual positions?

It is high time that the Kenyan woman trace her position in the pulpit. They can excel in this one as well.

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African Women said...

A woman can excel anywhere she wants. Just be focused and be of good cheer. The rest will follow.