Monday, July 23, 2007

Spicing your marriage or spite

Marriages are not working well for most Kenyan couples and people think of many things to get them back on course. People visit witch doctors, kill one another, buy children, and undergo plastic surgeries and many other unimaginable in attempts to save marriages. All these have been heard or read in our local news. But the one I heard on one of our FM radio stations last week is a new one, strange and purely immoral!

This woman was complaining that her husband is insisting she sleeps with his friend and the husband will sleep with the friend's wife to spice up their marriage. If she does not accept the husband will divorce her. Apparently her mother in law is insisting there is nothing wrong with that and she should do it.

Some callers called to confirm that this is a common scenario in our society, so the lady should accept the offer. Others like me were shocked and disagreed that a man can allow his wife to sleep with a friend in the name of spicing up their marriage.

Some callers who disagreed with this said we need another dictionary for today’s society, where we can have a new definition of marriage. Another caller said this is not marriage such a couple is sick and should be sent to Mathare hospital (hospital for mentally ill persons). Someone commented that such things may be the cause of the recent tremors felt in Kenya and that’s why rains have stopped (implying that such calamities are reflection of God’s anger for immorality).

Morals in our society are changing for the worst, people are coming up with all sorts of ideas in the name of spicing up marriage.

What would you have done if you were the lady? As for me, I would opt to leave that sick man!

What respect is there left for the conjugal bed? Has the wife turned to be man’s ball that can be passed to fellow men at choice of the man with the wife having no say? This is not what God meant when he created the woman as a man’s helper!

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African Women said...

Marriage is for the birds. Girlfriends treat you like a king until you get married. Then you are relegated to a commoner.