Tuesday, February 7, 2012

The proposed new system of Education

A change from the controversial 8-4-4 system is long overdue and that is why I believe many Kenyans will welcome to newly proposed education system of 2-6-3-3-3 (two years in pre-school, six years in primary, three years in junior secondary, three years in senior secondary and finally three years in University).

There are already complaints by the civil society and teachers union that the system is too expensive and will burden Kenyans (from Nation web) read here

According to the system, Kenya will have four different types of secondary schools if new proposals on education reforms are adopted. In a major departure from the current system, the proposals provide for specialization at senior secondary education level, with students expected to pursue any of the following disciplines -- general, technical, talent and vocational education.
This means converting the existing schools to specialized institutions or allowing those capable of offering the four to do so under different streams. From allafrica.com, read more

It is also good to note that under this new system learning will be free from childhood to senior secondary school level considered as basic education.
The proposed new system is much welcomed by many Kenyans who have been burdened by 8-4-4 system. Those of us who went through that system know too well that most of the subjects that burdened us are so useless to our lives, many would be better off if we were allowed to specialize at some level. Lets hope there will be no politics on this important issue.

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Larissa Choma said...

You have shared a good points regarding education system. I think the education system should be simple so the student can enjoy doing study.
Larissa Choma