Sunday, February 19, 2012

The most notorious men in Kenya

They are always in the news for the wrong reasons.

* When gangsters are caught or shot somewhere 90 – 100% will be them
* When illicit brew has killed or blinded people most of the victims will be them.
* They are the highest culprits in rape cases especially minors and old women.
* When there is news of fights leading to death over family land they are the majority
* Most them joined the most notorious, outlawed sect Kenya has ever had, Mungiki that has killed many mercilessly, even their own people.
* Politically they are selfish because they only believe only they can lead the country and are not likely to support others.
* They have been in the news lately as “endangered species” because their hard working women are so fed up of them and resorted to beating, burning them and it is known some have hired killer gangs for them. Most of them are lazy drunkards who add no value to the family.
* When they became very rich they marry other wives and neglect their first family, leading to ugly property disputes when they die. Etc……

By now many Kenyans reading this have guessed who am talking about. Like me or hate me these are facts about majority men from Central Kenya, many ladies I know from this part of Kenya have told me how useless most of their men are, some of them are single, divorced, widows or married to men from other parts of Kenya. No wonder many of their elderly women are mostly single, divorced or widows.

Many of the battered men in hospitals have come out in the open to tell the world what they are going through because it has became a trend. It was very amusing to see a lawyer being amongst the victims. The man who started a development group for men (Maendeleo ya Wanaume) is asking men in Kenya to boycott eating at their houses for a week in protest to women battering their husbands. This is a ridiculous call because the problem is mainly about men from Central Kenya. How many men from other parts of Kenya have married Kikuyu women and why are they not being battered? Are these men cursed because of their notorious lifestyle or what is the problem? Who is to blame, their parents or the wives?

On a serious note these men need divine intervention.

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