Thursday, April 30, 2009

A week of Sex starve declared in Kenya-Men be ready for prolonged hardship

The Kenyan lobby group has hit their men where it really hurt. “Conjugal starvation”.

The women lobby groups in Kenya today shocked the entire world by announcing that there shall be a sex boycott for at least a week until their husbands agree to talk to the warring politicians. Ho dear!!!!!! That is a big punishment for the men. But wait a bit these ladies may be right, they well know what make men act. Deny a man sex and he will be willing to toe your line, beg and bow down in humility with….. “yes dear, your request will ever be my command” .But dear women of Kenya be careful playing that type of game with your husband .You will be shocked that the man will encourage you to prolong the boycott as he seek refugee elsewhere.

The lobby group proposing the move let them start the boycott at their marriages if they are married at all. Let us not bring politics in marriage ladies. I warn you. You met your man alone please handle him alone not through press conferences and group boycotts. We have enough problems and do not add more in your marriage life.

As we announce the boycotts the number of ex-marital relationships is on the increase. What does that tell you?

These ladies got it wrong and they are wrong.


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