Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Speaker Marende’s wise ruling

It was a smart ruling by house Speaker Kenneth Marende on who should be the Leader of House Business Committee. He left many in suspense wondering whether he will go by the President’s choice Vice President Kalonzo Musyoka or ODM’s choice Prime Minister Raila Odinga. When he read many lines of the Constitution and the National Accord. It was all confusing.

He finally made a wise decision, just like the story of King Solomon who resolved the case of two women fighting over one baby (as described by Hon Omingo Magara and many others). I felt so relieved and I believe many Kenyans felt the same when he decided that he will chair the House Business Committee until the President and the Prime Minister as senior official of the Government come to an agreement on who will be the Leader of the HBC.

This ruling has saved Kenya from being split and from the confusion over what next if he were to choose one person, the conflict that would have ensued after that was not going to be good for the country with all the problems we have. This ruling paved the way for the house to elect other members of this committee, hence allowing Parliament Business to go on.

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