Monday, April 6, 2009

Martha Karua finally sees the light or what?

It is unbelievable that Justice and Constitution Minister resigned today as she has been threatening. This is the same Martha Karua who stood by President Kibaki during the controversial election outcome in 2007 and the hurried swearing in thereafter.It did not go down well with many Kenyan’s who felt cheated and looked at her as one of the key players in the rigged elections. She told ODM who felt cheated to present their case in court, knowing very well what Kenyan courts are. Many now wonder what happened between them.

Lately she changed tune, started criticizing those in the government connected to her docket, Attorney General Amos Wako and Chief Justice Evans Gicheru. She accused CJ of favoritism, incompetence and cronyism in appointments of Judges. The President ignored her, went ahead to swear in the Judges. This is clear case of being given work to do then your hands are tied like she said when declaring she cannot continue working in the government.

However, many supporters of ODM who felt cheated still do not trust her even after changing her stand on the government. She was the first to declare her stand to vie for presidency in 2012 under Narc Kenya party; many think it’s about 2012 elections. The President recently warned grumbling ministers they would be sacked so some think she was about to be sacked then opted to resign. Others say she is not happy with President Kibaki’s PNU party succession plan.

Whatever it is, Martha is a tough woman who speaks without fear and can fight for what she wants. This is one character many women like about her but loathed by some men saying she is arrogant. She has promised to keep her fight against corruption in the government and to work with Kenyan’s to bring change.

If she has truly changed, her resignation will be a plus to her bid for presidency in 2012. Other women in Kenya have tried to get to this seat dominated by men but not succeeded. All that Kenyan’s want is real change and that change can only be brought about by a genuine leader. It is not easy but we will see what Martha Karua can offer.


Anonymous said...

My hope is that more resignations would follow, leading to the collapsde of the fake coalition. But my fear is that the self-seekers in the Cabinet are cowards and won't follow suit. Governing is at a standstill, and why pretend that things are OK?

Cee said...

I love Martha but there comes a time when Kenyan politicians fight soo hard for "Justice" then end up disappointing us....Hope she has the goodness of Kenyans at heart and not just Presidency

Anonymous said...

why is Raila surely crying about lack of toilets in a podium. i mean thats so embarrasing for a PM. his Kibera constituents do not even use a toilet and rely on flying toilets for crying out loud. he has no balls to resign like kalua and his juvenile rants are making his supporters in luoland feel bad.