Tuesday, March 31, 2009

The Woman’s Show

I like this show that comes on Citizen TV on Tuesdays because it is about Women’s issues. I must say the program is more appealing to me than other talk shows by women in Kenya, because of the way it is presented by the host Sheba Harst. She is a good presenter and brings participants from all walks of life.

I haven’t watched the show for long, the first time I came across this program when changing channels and got this one that featured a woman in labor with her husband in the room supporting her. I couldn’t believe that this was a Kenyan show. The show was about childbirth, they had filmed the lady going through labor and part of childbirth.

This was an interesting show to me as a woman, having gone through this experience and interested to know how other women feel about it. She had also invited Helen Mtawali a music tutor of Tusker project fame show to talk about her child birth experience and 2 birth attendants from a hospital, who demonstrated how they assist women in labor.

Women have very many issues that affect them in life, labor and childbirth is a very interesting and traumatizing experience that many women like to talk about when they visit one another after getting a baby. We can talk and talk about each others experience for years and don’t get bored about it because it is about bringing a life on earth.

From that time I continue watching when am home on Tuesdays morning, the show is very encouraging with issues like parenting, relationships, marriage etc……. . Many of us are only used to Oprah and Tyra shows. Though there are other shows in Kenya by women, we still need to get our own Oprahs and Tyras in Kenya with more shows on women issues, because it is us women who watch such shows for entertainment, advice and lessons. Sheba Harst is doing a good job, let others follow.


Cee said...

Sounds like a great show, hope to watch it the next time I'm around...are there any videos on youtube???? Great Post, the Kenyan women need encouragement from each other to talk about issues affecting us at home. I get irritated when they start a talk show about women in Kenya and the presenters try sooo hard to be like Oprah or Tyra, and they start discussing issues that are very foreign to the normal Wanjiku and Atieno....

Sue said...

Thanks Cee I havent checked if there's any videos on youtube. True we need encouragement especially now in economic hard times and advice on how to solve the problems we face. We need real presenters who talk of what affects us here.

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