Monday, March 16, 2009

In the name of love

The story appearing on page three of today`s 16th March 2009 Nation newspapers in Kenya is disturbing. A mother killing a seven years daughter to get loved and married. Just how far are we willing to go to sustain/keep being loved. Are we willing to wipe all out our way for this.

Without being bias, I think the ladies have taken it too far just to be in love. We have read such stories before and we are likely to read more in future but I strongly believe that this is not true love.If a man loves the mother but not the daughter of that mother, then something is very wrong.It is like willing to take alcohol and dislike being drunk. To all men if you are in love with a lady and that lady happens to be a mother, my advice is that you love that child too.Love the lady will all that she may be having (good or bad ).Love is just a big sacrifice to share with someone. You have to sacrifice in order to truely love.

Ladies please be sober about the whole issue of love. You cannot force it and you cannot get rid of others to maintain it.Those we try to wrongfully please will definately disappoint us and if they don`t we will lose all that good time that we may have otherwise enjoyed with them as we rot in jail.

This story has brought alot of pain in my heart today.


Anonymous said...

I think ladies are carried away so fast that at times the human reasoning is lost and they can do anything under the earth.
This justify how selfish the ladies are to the point that they can kill. Most of times ladies are not willing to share and would want to have it all for themselves. Any intruders are eluminated right away.

Poor sisters. This is not right.

Single Kenyan Lady said...

Such a sad story indeed. It seems to be a common conundrum - to be loved or to be a single ma. There is a very popular song called "Tiga Kumute" (Dont leave her) which is sung by JB Maina, which has done its rounds on the airwaves, urging the man to take this woman whether she has a child or not, as she may be forced to choose between you and the child. After all, the singer says, you may bring more luck to your home by bringing them both in.

Anonymous said...

single lady that is nice.

Better take it all or leave it all. The lady killer had to choose between the daughter and the lover and it was clear she could not have them both. The daughter had to die. I belive that after killing the daughter, they may have enjoyed abit with the man but only abit. The killer lady is now in prison.

Bad news.'Mhadhara' case that one.

In my view that man whose love the lady could not resist possible had good money as well.And the killer wanted that too.

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