Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Bad Kenyan roads-in the estates

I like the hard working of Kenyans. Today, a good percentage of Kenyans own their own houses in the urban areas and many more are working towards that.They work hard, save heavily and borrow as well to meet that objective of being a self landlord.If you look around the outskirts of Nairobi (Ruai, Kitengela, Ngong,Rongai, Thika, Syokimau etc) good residential houses have come up.These are individual efforts of hardworking Kenyans with very little direct help from the government.They are private investment and make the city spead faster and of course the cridit will go to the goverment for the development.

My concern is that these developments are in a vaccum. I mean they are on their own without infrustructure like roads, water etc. Kenya Power Co. has tried alot to pass the powerline to these areas and I salute the management of that company. But those concerned with making road have taken a nap. Road are not there at all and wananchi are struggling to make them from the little resources they have.

If the mwananchi pay all taxes as required by the goverment why can`t the government do it part too? This is simply unfair to the kenyan who works hard. We need these roads and it is our right.

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