Tuesday, March 3, 2009


I thought I would not blog again today, but could not help it after it was announced the President would give a press briefing this afternoon. The first thing that came to my mind when I heard this, was that he would brief the press on the country's achievements since the signing of peace agreement, between him and PM Raila Oding one year ago. I thought so because many Kenyan's have expressed their disappointment with the coalition government saying nothing has changed, and life has been worse with fuel, maize scandals, drought and many other problems.

To my shock the briefing that has taken place a few minutes ago, has nothing to do with any issues we citizen's have with the grand coalition government, it is something I and many would have never imagined. I was shocked that the President called a press briefing to remind Kenyans that Lucy is his only wife. I wondered where this was coming from, until heard First Lady Lucy Kibaki standing by his side mentioning KTN. Then I remembered KTN news yesterday, marking the day they were attacked three years ago, and are still asking why they were attacked. In yesterday's news, they said it could be because it was thought they were going to write about the first family.

As usual First Lady Lucy talked like she was breathing fire, when she told the press present to go and write lies again once they leave the venue, she even mentioned she was going to attack KTN last night like she did at Nation Media. The President warned that he will sue anyone who will write such issues on his family.

So we will see no more stories on PNU activist Mary Wambui, being mentioned as part of the first family in the media.

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