Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Civil servants retirement age extended

Civil servants now have a cause to smile after the Government extended their retirement age from 55 to 60, as announced by Minister Dalmas Otieno.

I know of some Civil servants working in Government institutions upcountry, who would get shocked when their salaries stopped coming, only to realize they had reached retirement age after making enquiries at Nairobi headquarters. Majority work in their home environments so they got so comfortable and forget their age (may be they should start the culture of celebrating their birthdays, something that is not common with many up-country folks).

Now they can relax knowing they have more years before their salaries stop.


Anonymous said...

does this mean that the government will not hire people atleast for five years?

Anonymous said...

What u say of people who have reached 55yrs and are not interested in remaining in service upto 60yrs?