Friday, March 27, 2009

I pray for rain in Kenya

For many months now, since the last rains that did not rain much for a good harvest to be achieved, like it was the case years back. It has been dry, dusty and hot, causing many Kenyans and animals to suffer from thirst and hunger, some have even died. The other day a friend told me Metrological Department of Kenya said it would rain today, in most cases their predictions are wrong, but I understand they are just human and only God knows exactly what will happen tomorrow. However this time I hope their prediction is correct and it will rain hopefully in the evening or at night.

I have watched the sky since morning because am sick of the heat like many are, in the morning it was hot as usual, the sky was clear but now I notice some clouds have started forming so I pray it rains and the long rains that usually come at around this time starts so that Kenyans can start planting. I also pray that the rains would be sufficient for crops to grow well so that we get enough food during harvest.

God help us.


mwasjd said...

I'm with you on that one. Really glad about the clouds and the start of the rainy season. Praying that it will be sufficient for a bumper harvest and not for floods.

Sue said...

True not for floods because it can be a lot after the dry spell.

Anonymous said...

Let the rains comes. But some of the roads in the newly developed areas in this town Nairobi and Kenya at large are in bad shape. A good example is the outscarts of Nairobi (Rongai, Ngong, Ruai-kamulu, kitengela etc).Most of these areas have black soil and have been neglected by the areas MPs. Residents are scared of the rains (mud) and I think something need to be done urgently.Waitetu please read this and wake up. You area is highly affected.