Sunday, February 8, 2009


Last week two conferences were held in Kenya, one was on “The Kenya We Want”, the other was on “The Kenya We Don’t Want”. The one that I took great note of was the one that took place first “The Kenya We Want”. This was attended by the current and former presidents, government officials, and other people.

The speech that caught my attention was by the former president Mr.Daniel Arap Moi. When he talked about corruption as big problem for this country, he said he was like the driver of a bus carrying passengers and in that bus there were pickpockets. This was amusing but when I thought of it, it was a big joke because being the driver of this “Mr. Moi Bus” for 24 years; he had the power to stop the bus and drop off those pickpockets who robbed innocent passengers (wananchi) of their hard earned money. These same passengers are ones who paid taxes every month to keep the bus running, pay the driver and his pickpockets (part of passengers) hefty salaries.

After 24 years (Moi regime), the passengers (wananchi) got fed up of “His bus” (KANU), they decided to use another means of transport. The driver could not manage the bus (party) well steering it in the wrong direction and doing nothing about pickpockets. We the passengers decided to board other buses to get us to our destination. The drivers of other buses (other political parties) decided to unite in one bus ( party) in order to avert the mistakes of earlier years when the votes were divided. One major mistake we did was we blindly opted for his former conductor (Hon.Kibaki) to be the driver and some of his pickpockets who had jumped out of the bus (KANU) when they realized it was heading to a ditch. The result after five years from 2002 was a similar story to the former bus so passengers were left stranded again looking for alternatives in 2007.

In 2007 ,as most of us are aware, we had mainly two options to continue with our journey that has taken over 45 year to get us near or at our destination. The worst part is that both the buses still had the same conductors and pickpockets from the ill fated “Moi bus” (KANU). Nevertheless most of us opted for the bus with a “new driver”(Hon.Raila) who would give us some hope. Unfortunately we were hijacked when it was about to be cleared to carry passengers to the land of hope. What happened later after major protests from the passengers and a lot of intervention, it was agreed that the driver who hijacked the bus preferred by most passengers drives the bus and the hijacked driver be his co-driver. One funny thing is that the hijacker has never given the co-driver an opportunity to drive the bus. We are now back to the same old story of suffering passengers at the mercy of pickpockets suffering from numerous problems amongst them hunger, fuel shortage, high cost of living, poor infrastructure, greedy MPs who increase their pay as they like and don’t pay taxes etc… . At the long run our journey has been delayed again to 2030 hours (vision 2030), I wonder if we will ever make it to our destination or we will be hijacked again.

There ends my sad story about the “Kenya We Don’t Want”!


jeremiah, Nairobi said...

Do we really have a true leader in the current government? For me i think there is not. My reason is that a truly Godly chosen leader cannot serve in this kind government. If any should resign immediately. The coalition government is not a kenyan choice.
This is a government which was forced to stand in a an unstable ground and has no future, why should a normal person attach him/herself in this these pillar. Is there a positive person in this 10th parliament to how can we be having endless motions and commissions which never yield to anything, leaders who are selfish can't pay taxes like us, indisciplined leaders who can say anything in public, who are sinking in corruption, who close eye to non performing colleagues like the transport ministry, Office of the attorney general and chief justice. I suggest that the new and non corruptible electoral commission should be named immediately, parliament dissolved and we go back to the boxes otherwise kenyans should forget whether there exist parliament and pray God to bring rains for us to go back to our nature.

Anonymous said...

Jeremiah you said it well. The August hse is full of criminals.
Ninavumilia kuwa mkenya.

But who will come to save us? will we ever get the kenya we want?

Look at our neighbours Tanzania, well organised accommodating and loving. What is wrong in Kenya?

I am fed up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!