Friday, February 27, 2009


For many years, Kenyan’s of the Luo community have lived on Migingo Island as their home. Now the situation has suddenly changed when Uganda government sent its soldiers to take over the Island. They have also hoisted their flag there to mark it as Ugandan property.

This is very strange, how come President Museveni’s men have suddenly realized, after all these years that Migingo Island is in Uganda side. On several occasions, Kenyan fishermen have also been harassed and arrested by Ugandan authority while fishing on this part of Lake Victoria, yet the government has done very little to protect Kenyan fishermen on Lake Victoria. If Kenyan government took care of its citizen’s on Lake Victoria, Ugandan soldiers would not have taken over.

This will be viewed by the Luo community who live near the lake as political. This is because, during post election violence, many Kenyan’s in Luo Nyanza complained that a force was sent to the villages to harass them. These people could not speak Kiswahili and were believed to be from Uganda. There were rumors that President Museveni was ready to support President Kibaki to get to power, even if he didn’t win the elections against Hon. Raila who had an early lead. Hence the presence of these soldiers confirmed these rumors. Therefore I believe like many Luo’s do, that President Museveni has something against Luo’s and not Kenyan’s in general.

As reported in Thursday’s Daily Nation, “The Kenya National Archives and Documentation Service said a 1948 map in its possession showed the small Island fell in Kenya’s territory”. Hence the government should treat this issue seriously, because this is “uchokozi” and negotiations by Kenya government officials led by PM Raila Odinga to talk to Ugandan President will not help.

If Kenyan government cannot protect its citizen’s, who will???


Anonymous said...

No doubt about it. Migingo is in the Kenyan part of Lake Victoria. But on the west side of the tiny islands is Ugandan territory from where Kenyan fishermen catch fish. Shouldn't Uganda protect its fish resources which the Kenyan fishermen and politicians are not mentioning is the real issue?

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