Friday, February 27, 2009


I read about this Doctor in the Special Publication, in Thursday’s Daily Nation, story by Khamis Ramadhan a journalist who specializes in photography and is based in Nairobi.
I was really touched by the story about “The Man Who Saves Women”. The doctor works in Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). He has set up a fully-fledged hospital that helps women and girls, who most of them have been raped in this war torn country. The stories of these women is very scary, women raped by a group of men, then other objects inserted in their private part and left for the dead. The men don’t care about the age of their victims when they even rape their grandmother’s age mates.

African women have suffered a lot in such war torn countries, so Africa needs many more like Dr. Denis Mukwege’s, may God bless him. He says at the end “The demand for such services is increasing and it will only end when men start to respect the female species”. However I wonder how these incidents in African can be contained or stopped. These male species also need help they are inhuman and act like they are demon possessed. We only hear of NGO’s, Governments, religious and other organizations mainly handling women issues in such cases. I think it is high time some of them start addressing men issues. Poor governance by most of African leaders leads to war and because a big number of the population lack education and employment, mostly male citizens will agree to be used by rebel leaders. Hence there is need to address these issues to save female species who suffer most when a country is at war.

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