Monday, February 2, 2009


Two fire tragedy following one another in less than three days. Can it be a coincidence? Unlikely.
Kenyans are in a sad mourning mood as we read of the demise of our brothers and sister in the burning fires. One in Nairobi and another in Molo Salgaa. What really went wrong? Human error coupled with bad fate. All these happened in the month of January 2009. Do you remember what Kenya looked like in January 2008. More or less the same if not worse. We killed one another in cold blood. Police did it with impunity but the living God was watching all these. Those who facilitated the killing of the yester year have blocking the course of justice from taking place. How is God responding? God is passing a message that He is the give of live and he can take it any time. It is unfortunate that sin of the nation is punished on the nation. If you have been following the current leadership, it is not legitimate. We started with hunger that is till with us, fuel shortages, drought, accidents, strikes etc. This is very bad.
My advice is that we come back to our senses like the prodigal son and ask our father for forgiveness. If that is not done I am sorry that more bad things are on the way and this time it will hit the politicians. Wait until they cover up the prosecution of those involved in the post election violence and you will remember what I said. Fellow Kenyans, the love of God is great and abundant we just have to accept that we erred to God and to fellow Kenyans and ask God to forgive us.
Posting your comments here will be a remorse prayer of forgiveness and God will keep his promise.
1 John 1:8-10

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