Friday, June 1, 2012

Too many road accidents and blasts

It is so, so sad to watch the many road accidents incidents on our televisions and read in the news everyday. What is happening?

There was a time that road carnage and mysterious deaths was high during former President Moi’s error and after complaints of dark forces involved, he formed a commission of inquiry into devil worship. This commission did their job but didn’t reveal much and I do not think anything has changed since then.

We have also heard news of many politicians seeking help from witchcraft during election year to win elections. Many witchdoctors are known to ask for human sacrifices, could this be the cause of the frequent accidents as we are headed for elections in less than a year? It is not only greedy politicians seeking power and wealth; the high cost of living can also lead people to seek evil ways of getting wealth.  It is said many people are now keeping majini (ghosts) to give them wealth and these things ask for human blood every month. These accidents are becoming unusually many so it is high time proper investigations are done, national prayers should also be held because it could be evil forces at work.

Since Kenya invaded Somalia to fight terrorism, grenade attacks on Kenyans have been on the rise. I will say it again it is as a result of the mistakes that happened in Kenya in the past. The Government now has the task of fighting terrorism within and out of Kenya. All public premises and shops will now be forced to buy explosive detectors to avoid more blasts.

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