Saturday, June 23, 2012

Members of Parliament should be learned people

Concerns over academic fraud as MPs without degrees plan to fight or evade new legal requirement of undergraduate degree to contest seats. MPs without degrees panic as house passes electoral laws (from today’s Standard newspaper)

I support this law because we are in a competitive world that requires people to have degrees to get good jobs. Most people earning six digit salaries and above are degree holders. Therefore those of our MPs without degrees have been very lucky to have landed the well paying job with minimal education background, and this was not right for other well educated Kenyans struggling to get good jobs.

It is not like the old days when one had to pass highly to get to university. There are now bridging courses, private universities and parallel degree courses in public universities, which they should have taken advantage of. They had the time and money unlike many Kenyans who cannot afford university fees and depend on student loans, scholarship and well wishers to support them. If they have been sleeping then the law has woken them when it is too late. Time is short so documents should be certified as fake degrees are readily available for sale.

The notion that leaders are born not made is now outdated in this World.  If a house of learned friends and dons is what will make a difference in Kenya let’s try the option.


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