Wednesday, July 18, 2012


Miguna Miguna’s book has caused a lot of controversy since he launched it, he looked like a comedian while doing gestures like those of a David beckoning Goliath (“Come baby Come!”) to politicians who would dare touch him because he has more information and evidence on post election violence. However his book is mainly to spill the beans on his former boss the PM Hon Raila Odinga and many ask why now?. The truth is that the information he’s given is shocking, many got annoyed by what he did and equally many got excited depending on how one view the PM.

However I have a big BUT, after bragging that he still has a lot to spill even on post election violence and as an experience Lawyer he knows the law, WHY disappear so fast abroad with his family.

COME BACK MIGUNA COME! If you are not a coward, come back soon and tell more to those who will not buy your book.

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