Monday, June 11, 2012


Am still sad and shocked after what happened to our two leaders and security ministers, Prof George Saitoti and Hon. Orwa Ojode together with other 4 Kenyans. Many of us did not remember that on the same day (10th June) 4 years ago, other Kenyans including Minister Kipkalya Kones and MP Lorna Laboso died in chopper crash. What a terrible coincidence and this is the 4th crash killing Senior Government officials since President Moi left power to President Kibaki. What is going on??? Is it because they like traveling by air compared to the days of Moi when most leaders used road transport? Others who perished included Pilots Luke Oyugi and Nancy Gituanja together with two bodyguards Joshua Tonkei and Thomas Murimi. I say pole sana to the families.

Lately we have had many tragedies, blasts, terrible road accidents, buildings collapsing on Saturday a storey building collapsed in Mlolongo and we expected more news yesterday only to get worse news. Many Kenyans are really saddened by the death of these two politicians, as much as they have been attacked as Security chiefs for not doing enough especially in the cases of blasts suspected to be from Al-shabaab, they have not been in bad books of Kenyans like some politicians.

It is very sad that many Kenyans will forget very fast, just like we forgot other leaders and Kenyans who perished in other similar plane crash like Bonaya Godana and others. Then four years later, probably the same day 10th June 2016 other Government officials will board a chopper and get crashed (I hope not). We will say like we are used to that when the time of death comes no one can stop it, its true only God has the secret to death but this does not allow Kenyans to take this lightly. It is only God who knows if this was an accident or planned. If it was a plan let God’s wrath be upon those involved.


Anonymous said...

Yes it is sad that his family has lost a person who meant so much to them but to the kenyan community as a whole, I say one less big thief. All I saw yesterday was one big thief after another, expressing shock perhaps coz the link to their thieving has been broken. Its disgusting! People rob the country blind, making some kenyans remain poor always and instead we want to paint a saintly picture. I am soo pissed off. It was a sad way to die but i wish they wouldn't blow things out of proportion. Well, if i was to put this on my wall, the insults i would receive, Wah, they would last months after the burial."

Anonymous said...

A couple died huddled together as a building collapsed in Mlolongo, in the outskirts of Nairobi. Read (3 bodies retrieved, 9 missing in Mlolongo building tragedy)

Jamii said...

Tragic death is painful and sad, it doesn't matter what someone did in the past. Let’s mourn our fellow Kenyans who died in recent tragedies and our two leaders Prof Saitoti and Orwa Ojode. RIP.