Friday, September 14, 2012

What a Mess!

I have never seen this before, public primary, secondary teachers and university dons on strike at the same time. Now Doctors at the biggest referral hospital in East Africa Kenyatta National Hospital also on strike!!  Public school teachers started their strike early this month when schools opened, hence children have been home since that time. Others went back to study on their own many traveling long distances to go to boarding schools. It is sad to note that many are being sent back home because of the deadlock between the Government and Teachers unions.

As these children miss classes, children in private schools continue learning and also preparing for final exams in a number of days. However many children in private school boarding are not safe because they are threatened by the striking teachers prompting some school heads to send them home.

Who will sort out the mess in this Country??? If the Government has not managed in three weeks, who will? Who will compensate parents? Why can’t the Government concede defeat and call for outside help or dissolve for a new Government to be elected instead of waiting till the extended election of March 2013????

The deadly clashes in Tana River is so shocking, it took so long for the Government to deploy armed forces to save the situation, after many have been killed including police.
Very disappointing!

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ProstoShelMimo said...

I'm not shure what to think about this:
man kinda claims that smartphone, he just stole, started to talk to him , to ask him why he did it.