Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Finally back to School

Thank God the Government finally reached an agreement with public schools’ teachers unions and both primary and secondary school children are back in class after three weeks of strike. It is unfortunate that final exams at both levels have been pushed forward, which will force private schools who went on with their learning during the strike to adjust their budgeted because they had planned to close earlier. On the other hand it is an advantage to them because their revision period is extended giving them an upper hand in the exams as usual.

The Government is not off the hook yet the other headache they have to deal with urgently is the unhealthy issue of public hospitals doctors strike. The union has already paralyzed operations of public hospital, it is sad that the issue has not been given priority.

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Vova Ivanov said...

Funny... Do you trust to similar articles? Such classification seems to me limited. What do you think?