Friday, May 4, 2012

Annoying power blackouts

There are lots of complaints on social media about power black outs caused by Kenya Power. The old Kenya Power and Lighting Company (KPLC) was re-branded Kenya Power and has a new look, but there is nothing new about it only the new colors on their vehicles and adverts, the rest has not changed, services are worse. I do not understand how rain affects power? During drought we are normally warned of power rationing because of low water levels at the dams.

It is so annoying when one gets home late in the night after frustrating heavy traffic jam caused by heavy rains and flooding in the country, only to be welcomed by darkness or a candle lit house. Because it has become a daily occurrence many have now bought rechargeable or solar lamps to use at night.

I still don’t get it, how does rain affect Power even when there is no thunder. How come some parts of Nairobi or the Country are not affected yer its raining all over? Kenya Power should give notice of blackouts during rain season and give us a reason.

Kenya Power is the main power supplier in the Country, if there was another alternative things would have been different. The other alternatives we now have is to use generators or install Solar Panels.

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