Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Corrupt authorities to blame for Al-shabaab attacks

Since Kenya started fighting Al-shabaab in Somalia, there have been a number of grenade blast attacks in Kenya, most of them concentrated in Nairobi, Mombasa Counties and North Eastern region. These are the regions you can find many illegal immigrants from Somalia. Many of them are settled and mixed up with original Somali tribes of Kenya and have acquired Kenyan documents from local authorities.

On a recent visit to Kajiado County I was shocked that part of the bus stop has been grabbed, I was told the space has been grabbed by a Somali. The person must have paid the local authority some good money to grab such an obvious space. It is also sad the locals are selling most of their land to Somali’s, there are some who are Kenyans but some cannot even speak Kiswahili. I don’t believe there is any young Kenyan from any part of Kenya who cannot speak some Kiswahili.

Every Kenyan has a right to leave where they want even the Kenyans of Somali tribe, but when other illegal immigrants from Somalia are smuggled and mixed up with them then it becomes a big issue. I believe this people may be entering the Country through borders like Namanga to get to Kajiado then proceed to Nairobi. The Maasai have also become too lenient, greedy to sell most of their land just to get money and in the process compromising their security and inheritance. I remember a friend telling me she attended a parents meeting in a girl’s school, one of the songs sung by the girls was a Maasai song telling their parents to stop selling land. One local told me this place is another time bomb if the authorities are not careful; he is from another part of Kenya and said this cannot happen where I come from. The Minister of Security and Minister for Local Authority should investigate and deal with such corrupt authorities for the safety of Kenyans.

Latest attacks on public places like Bus stops and Churches is a worrying trend, if the authorities cannot protect us then only God will.

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