Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Why waste tax payers’ money?

After ICC ruling that reduced Ocampo suspects from six to four, the President at a press conference ordered the Attorney General Prof Githu Muigai to form a tribunal to look into the judgment and give the way forward. Why would the Government want to look into an international ruling and give the way forward. On that issue, Minister for Lands James Orengo has commented today that it is like the Government is on trial. ODM party which is a partner in the Government says the President did not consult the PM; So why would one side of the Government want to challenge the ruling of an international court and does not consult his partner in the coalition on the way forward?

The President has also suspended defiant Deputy Chief Justice Nancy Baraza to show he is taking action on the “Big Fish”, but many Kenyans will not be satisfied because Francis Muthaura and Uhuru Kenyatta ICC suspects senior Government officials are still in office and are not willing to let go? Are they untouchable? Why is it so? Then another seven member tribunal is formed to look into Nancy Baraza’s case, why can’t she go through the normal legal process other Kenyan offenders are subjected to. So there are two legal processes in Kenya for the “Big Fish” tribunals will look into their offenses but the “small fish” face the court process and then rot in jail thereafter.

Why waste OUR money forming tribunals to discuss what is obvious and in the long run nothing changes?


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