Monday, January 23, 2012

After ICC ruling it is 6 minus 2

Finally the ruling Kenyans have been waiting for came to pass today, the Ocampo six have been reduced to Ocampo four. The ICC has clearly separated the humble from the proud. Since the hearings started the four who will go for trial, Uhuru, Ruto, Sang have been very vocal and abusive, Muthaura has been vocal but not as the three. The two who have been acquitted for now have handled the case in a more humble way. For now they are off the hook unless the Prosecutor Ocampo appeals their acquittal.

No matter what the President says about our changed judicial system after enacting the new constitution, many Kenyans believe that justice especially for the “Big-fish” can only be realized at the ICC, a recent case of Deputy Chief Justice Nancy Baraza threatening a security officer (Kerubo) with a gun is a very good example she is still free. Kenyans want peace and justice especially when we are about to go for elections again and so this should serve as a lesson to leaders who think they own Kenya and can do anything they want because the law in Kenya is on their side.

N/B: Their political allies will “stand in solidarity” with them and even shed crocodile tears but some like “watermelon” must be smiling inside and thanking their stars.

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