Thursday, January 26, 2012


The push was great. They had to resign. Today start the journey of great things happening as Uhuru and Muthaura resign from the public position. The next move as earlier predicated will be them calling off their presidential aspiration.

Now Mr. AG what say you ?. VP Kalonzo Musyoka What say you ?

Let the trial starts when all the suspects are RAIA.

What I still wonder there are those whose pictures appear on the Tv each day on what happened during post election violence, beatings and killing or uttering hate speeches, how comes the government of Kenya cannot go for them and arrest them. They are in the community and their faces are known and can be seen each day. See the repeats of the violence on NTV today.

Please government, be serious and arrest these people before you ask ICC to hand over the four main suspects. How would you try the four big fish while the ones well known and can be seen on the tv are not yet arrested?

Lastly where is Mr. Ndege who lost his entire family in the Naivasha revenge or hiding?

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