Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Kenyan athletes’ performance at the Olympics was boring

Team Kenya is back in the Country after performing badly at London Olympics.  We expected many medals especially Gold from our champion athletes but only managed 2 Gold, 4 Silver and 5 bronze ending at position 28.

Watching athletics our favorite became a disappointing affair when most athletes failed to win as expected. Despite Team Kenya’s overall bad performance, Ezekiel Kemboi in 3000m steeplechase and David Lekuta Rudisha (broke World record in the men’s 800 meters final) brought back our pride.

It’s strange that many athletes performed badly at the Olympics but when they participate in better paying races they perform well, why? Now they are preparing for the forthcoming Diamond League races that resume this Friday at Stockholm we’ll see how they perform.

Why is it that when there is poor performance in other games like football the Coach is fired or asked to resign but we do not hear this in athletics? Something must have gone wrong like choosing the wrong people or favoritism, so someone must be made answerable because it is not cheap to send a team abroad and come back with poor performance from world champions.

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