Friday, August 31, 2007

A prayer from a Kenyan husband

This is a prayer from a Kenyan man I received on email. Men will always have excuses for cheating on their spouse complain so much about women nagging and women headaches.

Naturally boys like to be free from the time they are kids, only their brains grow up but their character remains the same. No wonder it is said boys will always be boys, while girls change to women and mothers

Surely is this a good reason for a man to cheat?

Dear Lord,

Thank you for opening my eyes to realize that there are beautiful women out there.You know God, when I met my wife , I thought she was meant for me but I came to realize that WATER and OIL do not mix. It is true that I like to look at other women but I only do that to appreciate the beauty of nature's creation. But sometimes I just can't resist these women after all I am and have my weakness. My wife calls me PAPA. I often feel like a pensioner. Other women call me Darling, Sweetie, Dear, then I feel young, energetic and moja. She likes complaining and nagging. Or is too tired to go out with me. Every weekend she goes to attend so and so's funeral and goes straight to kitchen parties. Women outside are wild, grooving and can do a thorough job when it comes to Huuuuuuuu.

Another problem with her, dear Lord is, she is good at spending my hard earned money. When we talk about budget she is referring to my salary. Her salary is her secret and confidential. She has appointed herself my minister of finance but my economy is not improving. Her family comes first in everything. When I bought my mother a pair of Kitenge for during this chilling weather, she complained that I know our financial problems but I keep giving People our money. When she bought her mother a pair of boots, jacket, blanket and a heater, she said that I know her mother is struggling. ( Oh God). I visit my parents once in a lifetime but her family needs her constantly. God, I met her at a party. But these days she wants to remain indoors. No friends should visit us without appointments. I must sit and watch the Isidingo, La mujer,The Bold,Days, Generations etc. Every Sunday she drags me to this Nigerian Christian like church. I had to part with Kshs 30,000, as an offering to the Pastor. My church is too boring for her liking. Heavenly Father you will realize that I have lost some weight. Everyday she wants me to take her to Steers, City Cabanas or Nandos for breakfast,lunch and dinner. My favourite ugali wa 'Kuon anang'a or Bel',Apoth,Dek Obambo is a thing of the past. She will never allow such nonsense in our Townhouse. Oh God I yearn for my favourate Guiness Madiaba, Tusker Lager and Jonny Whalker on rocks - the only beers and whisky with a surname. These days I only drink mineral water. So God I hope you know why do I always look at those ladies and wish that I could spend more and more time with them.

Oh God won't you please take Her headache away. She has it everyday, especially when we go to bed!!!



luke said...

Very funny!
any man praying this prayer must be worshipping the god of the "wantingtobesingle again" faith

Sue said...

Yes Luke, this man is praying to go back to single's club. He got himself in the wrong club. The wife should tell him, enda uji enjoy ukimaliza urudi na Certificate of Good Conduct na Clean Bill of Health.

Meet black singles said...

Men really have good excuses. I am not sure whether God would listen to the prayer of this man.