Thursday, August 23, 2007

Linah Jebii Kilimo (Mrs)

Was a former Cabinet Minister of State in the Office of the Vice President, until she fell out when she supported Orange movement opposed to the Government and was amongst the ministers that were fired when the Government's proposed constitution failed miserably after the referendum.

She is a role model of the girl child in relation to FGM, she is a key campaigner against this outdated practice I mentioned on one of my posts. Read more…
She is also a pretty woman I have always admired for her humility.

From the time she was fired she has been in the forefront of ODM Kenya activities. Later she was more on ODM Kenya activities that is with Hon MP Kalonzo Musyoka, until yesterday when she called a press conference to declared that she’s defected to support President Kibaki’s bid for re-election. Read more

She must have defected because of break up in ODM with Hon MP Kalonzo Musyoka's ODM Kenya on one side and Hon MP Raila Odinga ODM on the other side, with no signs of reconcilliation.

I wonder what impact this has on her re-election as MP, if her constituents decide to support ODM and she supports the President on NARC Kenya or whichever party he decides to stand on. We have about four months to election and also wonder if she will be reinstated to her ministerial post.

If I were from her constituency I would still vote for her no matter what party she would be on because this are the kind of women Kenya needs.


Anonymous said...

She should have defected from Kalonzo's ODM K to Raila ODM original. Going back to Kibaki is the worst decision. I don't see her being elected back as Marakwet MP. May be she's hoping the 50 special seats bill will sail through and get nominated.


ODM is leaking party .Just watch this space i can assure you by the time december rolls in it will be a one man show .Everyone knows kibaki will be back its just the reality of the facts .

Odm has not won a by election since the referendum not even one .it is a creation of the media a paper tiger.

The marakwet Mp like she said voted no to a constitution not to kibakis governance .

ODM is a tribal mukebe -like Frm President Moi said

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I remember she was the most beautiful woman in Kibaki's government. Not that I am underestimating her capabilities