Monday, August 13, 2007

Landslide in a Kenyan village

When I saw “Breaking News” flashing on TV this weekend, I started wondering what was coming up. I thought it could be that ODM Kenya have come to an agreement on their flag bearer, the government has fired someone or appointed some one or worse some tragedy.

My third guess was right, a landslide had occurred in a village in Kakamega one of the towns in Kenya. The two mudslides that occurred one at dawn and at midday covered houses and villagers who went to rescue those who were covered by the first one. This left me wondering what is happening in Kenya, first it was the tremors then now landslides.

I feel sorry for our brothers and sisters who lost their relatives and wish those who got injuries quick recovery.

It is my prayer that no other calamity happens again in Kenya.

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kepn said...

In as much we want to sympathise with those helpless villagers, its a sad fact that its definitely gonna happen again.

There's been too much environmental degradation in Kenya that natural disasters like floods, landslides, drought, etc will continue unless all Kenyans move fast to exercise due prudence in matters of environmental preservation.