Tuesday, August 14, 2007


I published a post from a friend on “African Language”, he was complaining that African Languages are not recognised, when he realised that other languages in the world are commonly used on electric appliance manuals and other informative materials. He proposed that though there may be diversity in African languages, a language like Kiswahili, which is widely spoken in Africa may be used. For more read on http://jamiiyakenya.blogspot.com/2007/08/african-language.html

However, I would like to get some comments from Kenyans living in the US who pretend to have forgotten Kiswahili and there mother tongues (See comments by Waititu Warima in the above web link).

The other issue that came up from other readers` comments is the use of Christian names as a prerequisite during baptism and other European imitated practices. Other comments posed a question on what type of marriage is the correct or acceptable; the European Style or African Style. I have always wondered why African way of marriage is not considered complete until one weds in the Church. What if there were prayers during the African traditional wedding. I believe God we are worshiping in not a racial God! Are African lesser or inferior Christians? Are African ways of doing things; naming, customs and practice barbaric? Should the western world set for us the way to live and conduct ourselves?

One time during a Christian fellowship, people were condemning young people who do not wed in Church (they said such people had eloped and could not be in the fellowship of other Christians). One member of the condemning group stood up asked to be shown where it is written in the bible that a church wedding is a must. Isn’t our traditional marriage a true form of a wedding?

My Anonymous friend's comment expressed unhappiness in the way people view residents of Eastlands in Kenya and those living in US in regard to Kiswahili language.

What are your comments on these issues?


Waititu Warima said...

Sue, that was good of you to post this topic here. No need to repeat myself here again but I'm quite curious to hear what other Kenyans think of all these. Chao.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Anonymous, shouldn't we all be held to the same standard? If the language is only considered suitable for the "underdogs", then we shouldn't be surprised that the world isn't embracing our language. Also, bearing and using a western name doesn't mean that one is less "African". True we need to come to terms with various types of marriages, however, the world we live in today demands documented proof of all allegations. Customary marriages are sawa sawa, but they should incorporate some type of symbolic measure that can be retrieved God forbid, should one member pass away.

Meet black singles said...

African languages matter. The problem is that most technology is in a foreign language and everybody is chasing that.