Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Old fashion politics

During the Nyayo error it was common for retired President Moi to go to a constituency and declare his preferred candidate. After doing that all grass root elections for his party KANU was meaningless because Mzee had decided who he preferred and it used to work like a magic wand.

In 2002 he did that with project Uhuru, when others thought Mzee would point them as his successor. This came as a shock to many and caused a fall out led by Hon Raila Odinga. The group joined Nak to form Narc. Mzee’s magic wand did not work that time, I think it had lost power after 24 year rule.

Yesterday Mzee was at it again and declared his stand in support of a fellow Mzee. The former President has a right to choose his preferred candidate but by “saying younger generation was not embracing nationalistic ideals. Instead, he saw them as being driven by narrow interests”! Read more To me that is being old fashioned, I do not think he is able to influence wanainchi’s votes anymore. I think his magic wand is finished just like it did not work with project Uhuru. Even Hon Raila mentioned this yesterday.

History in Kenya repeats itself and we are yet to see if it will be the same. Old politician should retire peacefully and pave way for the young.

Kenya is for all not only the old.


Phil said...


Moi is attempting to buy political insurance for another five years by supporting Kibaki.

As a Kenyan, Moi has rights to support whoever he wishes. But I think he is taking it too far when he tells Rift Valley residents to 'remain in KANU' while he himself is supporting Kibaki who we all know will not run on a KANU ticket. In any case, Moi is retired from party politics and he should let Uhuru, Ruto, Kosgei, Sunkuli, Otieno and Ngala, through the KANU NEC, guide the party accordingly. KANU is a national party of all Kenyans and not just Rift Valley or Moi's personal property. KANU also happens to be the current official opposition in parliament. It does not need Moi's persistent meddling.

It pains me that Moi was solely responsible for bringing this country to its knees and while Kenyans wish him to play Elder African Statesman, he wants to loose further credibility by playing partisan politics. How sad!

Sue said...

Welcome to my blog once again Phil and thanks for your comment.

It is sad for Kenyans the way some politicians try to manipulate politics in this country to suit their selfish gain, as if its a family affair.

God help us

Anonymous said...

Moi is surely abig joke.I think Moi is used by Raila to make Kibaki lose.

my advice to Kibaki is to shut Moi down and disassociate with him.Anyway I dont see Kibaki coming back.


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Mzee is a professor of politics. Even his project Uhuru has ended up taking the big seat.