Thursday, August 9, 2007

Kenya MP improves lives of Widows and Orphans in a village

Our members of parliament are very good at talking and shouting in public but most of them do very little to improve the living condition of their constituents.

There are common wanainchi who are better off than them like the one I mentioned in one of my posts

However there are a few members of parliament who are doing a good job helping the needy. A good example is Kenyan foreign affairs minister for, Mr. Raphael Tuju. He has initiated a 10 million housing project to build houses for widows in his Rarieda constituency. He has also helped in educating 300 HIV/AIDS orphans. Fishermen have also benefited from an electricity project that the minister initiated recently. Read more about this unique and focused minister on

Kenyans are fed up with most of the MPs in the current parliament and will vote them out according to latest poll by Infotrack Research and Constituency. What MP Tuju is doing will definitely get him back to parliament as elected MP for Rarieda.

However even if he does not get back because of his political stand with the flower party, he will retire happy having left a good legacy.

Tuju Hongera!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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