Friday, August 3, 2007

Traffic Jam in Nairobi

Ngong road was clear today which is very unusual in Nairobi and I believe other roads were much better today, this is due to schools closing and I normally look forward to this because it means no jam, getting to work early hence no stress.

This brings me to something else that is so worrying and I wonder what the government is doing about this. The traffic jam in Kenyan towns especially Nairobi is getting worse and worse. Most of the time police try to control but don’t help much, personal cars and public transport have increased, but the roads are the same the only difference is Langata road, which was turned into a highway and Jogoo Road was expanded, but the jam on Jogoo road is always bad.

May be its in Vision 2030 for Kenya, but at this rate I don’t know what it will be like in 20 years to come if nothing is done as a matter of urgency. It will take us 3 hours to get to town when it can take 30 minutes without traffic jam.


Ssembonge said...

The traffic jams in Nairobi are no longer a laughing matter. I think they should utilize the traffic lights rather than cops to cordinate the flow of traffic. Cops work in isolation and therefore are an inefficient way of directing traffic through the city.

Gakuo should fix all the lights and let the police enforce by ticketing errant drivers.

Sue said...

I can say Gakuo has tried to put lights on most road from town and industrial area, except City Mortuary round about. A good example of recently fixed traffic lights is Nyayo statium both sides from Bunyala and Lusaka roads, they work but police choose to control the traffic there making traffic worse.

Wangu said...

I think the government should realise that traffic jams can actually affect our economy.If people cannot get to work on time or to their business on time, it means productivity goes down. this translates to an economic recession down in the long run.

Anonymous said...

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