Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Demonstration about water disconnection in Mathare

I was saddened by the outcome of demonstration in Mathare yesterday. A two month old baby died of suffocation, when police threw tear gas canister near their house.

Ok police had to control the crowd when they became irate and started stoning and applying mad on Nairobi Water vehicle and blocking other vehicles. However this are common scenes in slums, their demonstrations even for a worthy cause like the one for yesterday always turn tragic.

So I wonder why did the water company have to disconnect water for the slums even those paying as some claimed. Living conditions in the slums are pathetic, sanitation is also a major problem and lack of water only makes it worse. All that the company thought of was disconnecting water but not the consequences. This leaves me wondering doesn’t this company have a social policy? For heavens sake this are poor people and furthermore they are even ready to pay for the water!

May be am wrong about the whole scenario but slums dwellers buy water from vendors and that means they are willing to pay for it. Instead of disconnecting they should have water depots in slums to help the situation and avoid illegal connections.

I also have beef with this water company, their services are so poor. There are parts of Nairobi who receive water once a week, especially where the common mwanainchi are. Other parts of Nairobi receive water daily. Does this mean this country is divided into third world citizens and those in developed world citizens when it comes to provision of essential services??

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