Thursday, August 2, 2007

Demonstration about MPs “Golden handshake”

I should have posted this yesterday but better late than never.

My sympathy goes out to Mwalimu Mati and his team from the accident they got after being arrested when protesting about MPs send-off package.

It is sad that the police are taking Kenyans back to Kanu error when demonstrators where beaten senselessly even when they were peaceful. This demonstration was a worthy cause, police should have spent their energy elsewhere. Most Kenyans are opposed to MPs proposal for a send off, since they awarded themselves huge salaries. Furthermore they are known for attending parliament at their leisure, while Kenyans who elected them toil to make a living.

Kudos to genuine MPs who have come up to reject this move by MPs to award themselves a send-off package and Health minister Charity Ngilu for forcing her way into the police station and rescuing Ann Njogu.

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