Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Kenyan politics

I could not believe what I read in today's East African Standard:-

By Moses Njagih and Francis Ngige

"Mr Raila Odinga got a taste of things to come when a hotel proprietor disrupted his triumphant entry into President Kibaki’s Nyeri backyard by ejecting him and his entourage from the facility.

In an incident that could serve as a pointer to just how polarised the country has become ahead of the General Election, the hotel proprietor — said to be related to a top political class — made little secret of the fact that the group was unwelcome at the premises.

The Lang’ata MP, who had earlier had a heroic welcome in Mathira constituency, was stunned when the proprietor stormed the dining room and ordered the ODM leaders out."
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All Kenyans have freedom of movement around the Country despite their difference in opinion, colour or tribe. So I find this as the height of ignorance, primitivity or do I say tribalism.

What do you say about this strange incident?


Anonymous said...

This is pure tribalism.You dont do this to support Kibaki.

In fact you are making Raila more porpular.Remember Raila is a good schemist.He chose this knowing that such an incident will take place. The end of it he is seen as a hero and the business man remains with his hotel,central kenya and tribe?


luke said...

Thoroughly disturbing and deeply worrying is what i think about this incident Sue
Even though the motivation behind this shocking action was described as being political,i hope its not mis-read as a temperature gauge of the state of relations between the tribes (and 2 in particular) in our country today as we head into the general elections
Is the line between politics and ethnicity this thinly dividing in Kenya? I hope not. We have to make sure that we don't send out the wrong message even if we strongly believe in something that is a good cause
We are all Kenyans


The hotel is private property and within that context management reserves the right to admitance, That woman has an issue with raila not luos.

Maybe if raila didnt preach hate against kyuks at every meeting he wouldnt get thrown out

lets grow up and reason.Private property is private property and raila is not the whole luo community

kepn said...

What nonsense 'walking the walk'! When you are granted a hotel licence, lawfully it ceases to be private property and becomes a public place. You are obviously misintepreting "Management reserves the right of admission" clause. To put you in perspective, it is the same as renting a house and your landlord evicts you (without due notice) merely because you belong to an unwanted ethnic group and you hold a different political belief or ideology. We have laws that govern this country.

The actions of the hotel proprietor are discriminatory, undemocratic, illegal, ethnic and totally out of touch with the present world and an independent Kenya.

I can assure you, you havent heard the last of this. And dont be very suprised if it ends up in a court of law, with very far reaching consequences.

Waititu Warima said...

I don't support Raila, lakini enyewe that woman was wrong for what she did. It's a little immature. She should have just let the man eat, and go about his business. The Nation said that the woman's daughter is married to David Kibaki. Perhaps that's why the mathe felt that strongly about Raila, since Mr.Agwambo has abused Kibaki on a number of occasions.

Either way, the woman was wrong. She should have done it to Moi instead.

Ssembonge said...

This is a message for Joe. For someone who purpots to be a Christian and even has a Christian blog, it's appaling that you would support such a hate filled action.

Christ commanded us to love our 'enemies' (or adui as Raila would call them) and to treat others as we would like them to treat us.

What the lady did was outright wrong.

Guada said...

It was indeed very sad for the woman to have kicked Raila out of the hotel, surely did he deserve that NO WAY!!. As Kenyans we have been advocating for freedom of press, freedom of movement and this is a clear indication that in some parts we still have barriers. We need to ask ourselves tribalism is deep rooted in this country how do we curtail it.


It seems i hit a raw nerve ,My being a christian doesnt mean i turn a blind eye to evil either .When raila odinga prances around the country preaching anti kikuyuism i have to speak up about him .It is tribalist like him who caused the 94 genocide in central africa.

Being a christian mean speaking out against evil even jesus beat up people in the temple raila should have ben flogged ,

Hundred of kenyans today still mourn loved ones who died in the 82 coup.Many others in the ethnic violence that gripped kenya(organized by odm members -ntimama and co) Therefore it is only right i state my views .If you dont like it too bad .

People like raila are the reason tribal intolerance is rampant in kenya , they are not victims they are instigators

Raila should have been thrown out and flogged

Anonymous said...

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