Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Are Ugandan ladies better than Kenya ladies?

During the recent East African Community meeting, it was proposed that the borders be open for East Africans (Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania) to move from one country to the other freely. This would mean doing business together, intermarrying, attending schools and colleges without any restrictions. Even mobile companies have started providing roaming services around East Africa.

I later heard from the Radio that this did not go down well with Kenyan ladies. It was said that Kenyan ladies were complaining that Uganda ladies would come to snatch their husbands because they know how to treat men better then us!

It’s always said Ugandan ladies know how to treat men well. They are taught from a young age by their aunts (sengas) how to handle their men. Their famous style of kneeling when greeting people and serving them must be some of the reasons men admires them. Read more from this site which says bedroom matter threatens East African community, http://www.artmatters.info/?articleid=316

In most Kenyan families teaching sex was and is still a taboo. Girls were advised by their grandmothers how to behave but I don’t think they went into such details. Furthermore we Kenyan ladies cannot and will not kneel down when greeting someone or serving someone, unless you are serving God.

Kenyan ladies are branded big headed and stubborn but this does not mean we don’t “perform”. The modern society is very challenging it requires us to have careers work and help men support our families financially. Motherhood is also challenging to a working mother, kids look upon us too. Hence we have limited time to pamper men (like a single colleague of mine said, we married women should pamper men to win their love or loose them to single ladies).

I think our men are asking for too much, why don’t they travel to Ugandan and get them instead of waiting for the borders to open?

What I need to know, these Uganda’s ladies they are good in what? Sex, character, physical shape? If the answer is sex then what makes a man happy? What is a man looking for in a woman?

Please help me answer these questions, because I am lost in the mystery about men.


luke said...

i think there will always be negative stereotypes that are wrongly believed as being the truth about an individual, a people or even a society as a whole, and this is an example of just one of them

There are plenty of Kenyan women who know how to treat their men well; this they too learnt from their immediate families; likewise one is bound to find women in Uganda who do not fit the stereotype

Relationships anywhere in the world are about one suitable person being matched with another and then the two developing the character to work on the relationship in hope of keeping the dream of love alive

Contrast this with a relationship where someone is a Stepford wife or an Andy Capp type of husband-who wants to be married to a modern day slave for a wife or a couch-potato pig for a husband?

Stereotypes are dangerous

Maina said...

All I know Sue, is that a man falls in love with the girl who takes time to pamper him, and who is okay being submissive to him. This is why if you look at most of-age women who are unmarried, you'll notice a similar trait of hard-headedness, independentness...the "I-don't-need-a-man" type. And these girls still can't figure out why the guys they date leave them for more girly, submissive, feminine types.

Contrary to what some girls think, submissiveness does not mean stupid. To be submissive simply means that a woman lets her husband take the lead role in their marriage; be the head of the home - and for christians, the bible also says so.

These kind of girls, I tell you as a jamaa...are just irrestistible...and they can persuade me as a guy to do anything they want by approaching me from a soft, feminine angle. So if this is what the Ugandan girls are good at, then you can see why a man would find himself gravitating toward her.

Ssembonge said...

I've never been to UG so I won't attempt answering the question. But I agree with Maina. Ndume wawili hawakai kwa zizi moja.

Acolyte said...

Other than the Janet Museveni haircuts I do think that Ug has hot women, why lie?
But for real most Kenyan women are kichwa ngumus even when they have nice laid back men, that is why they fear the onslaught of Ugandan mamas!

Anonymous said...

Kenyan ladies if u accept defeat by the UG girls you will have yourselves to blame. Be respectiful,kind,humble and perform above par in BR matters and mtaacha the bagandaress kwenye mataa.



Anonymous said...

A lady only respects a man when he respects her. Hi story ya respect being humble to a point of kneeling is nonsense. Am proud to be a Kenyan lady with dignity. Life has a lot to offer its a matter of give and take.

Proud Kenyan lady

chris said...

I have been to Uganda and met these so called Ugandan women. Actually after all that I had heard, I was dissapointed.

I am a happily married one-woman man so I can't comment about the sex. But still I have done lots of research and I can say with authority that the only "secret" the Ugandans have is making a lot of noise during the act. Psychologists will tell you that there is no bigger turn on for men that is more powerful than realizing that their woman is enjoying it.

But here is the shocker. It is faked!! Yep. They are trained to fake it. Ugandan woman are human after all and will have the ocassional headache and don't-feel-like-it-tonight nights (they probably fake it more and scream loudest during those nights). Poor neighbors!! And what about the children? "Mum why is mama Sozie screaming? Are they being robbed?"

And anyway it probably tells you a lot about Ugandan men. Would you want a wife only for sex? Why not just get a sex toy?

I prefer Kenyan women any day. Kenyan women are intelligent, less likely to fake it, indipendent and they appreciate a real man who loves them. For me there is no bigger turn on than an intelligent indipendent woman and very hot-headed woman (like my dear wife) volutarily of her own free violation being mersmerized by my love so much that she cools down her strong headed ways coz (love inakua mingi). By the way I've been married 22 years and things are as exciting as ever. We've had our ups and downs but that's part of growing in a serious relationship.

Although I don't juvuni kua Mkenya with the current government, I can confidently say Najivunia kua mume wa mwanamke Mkenya.


chris said...

By the way my other name is Kumekucha.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Am a Kenyan and I kneel for my husband

Africa Dating said...

Ugandan ladies are the best in East Africa. Maybe even in Africa and beyond. Nothing better than a submissive woman. Keep it up sweethearts