Friday, August 3, 2007

Political situation in Kenya

The political situation in Kenya is currently very boring, it does not look like an election year.

Narc/Narc Kenya/DP/Ford People etc…… have their presidential candidate President Mwai Kibaki. ODM Kenya I can say is in a mess with Kalonzo Musyoka ditching LDP for LPK joining Prof. Julia Ojiambo moving with some members and living Raila Odinga and his supporters, who claim that Kalonzo Musyoka has defected while Kalonzo and his group believe they are still in ODM Kenya.

Yesterday there were 2 press conferences by the registered party Secretary General Abraham Chepkonga to say he has resigned and handed over to Prof. Anyang Nyongo, then calls another one with David Maanzo the Chairman allied to Kalonzo faction to say he was forced to resign.

The other day Charity Ngilu meets with Raila Odinga and others after Kalonzo Musyoka moves to LPK. Then Charity Ngilu rescues Ann Njogu of Civil Society from police custody after being arrested for demonstrating against MPs proposed send off package. Later she is arrested and put in the cells. I have never heard of a Minister being arrested and put in the cells in the history of Kenya (may be am wrong about this) and is released after 10 hours.

Kalonzo Musyoka’s faction is now blocking access of ODM millions, setting the stage for more fights in the party. Read more in the Daily Nation and East African Standard newspapers or websites.

This is very sad for wanainchi who are looking upon our leaders especially those in ODM to organized and produce a candidate. Its less than 5 months to elections which we believe will be in December as usual but you never know if it can be called early when the opposition is in a confused state.

In the meantime I will just ignore what is happening and move on with my life. Though it will not be easy because politics affect our lives in one way or the other and as the saying goes, ndovu wawili wakipigana, ziumiazo ni nyasi (when two elephants fight its the grass that gets hurt). If only the common mwanainchi who really feels the pinch of bad politics could do something about it, we may save this country from consequences of bad politics. Siasa mbaya maisha mbaya!


Phil said...


Although Kalonzo has every constitutional right to belong to whichever political party he chooses, I believe his latest move only succeeds polarizing the ODM party and by extension the country even further. Constitutionally we are a multi-party democracy, but my opinion is that we should have three strong political coalitions in order to increase the competitiveness while ensuring some sort of unity prevails. As it is, there are more than 250 registered political parties in Kenya, but a very small number currently represented in parliament and/or civic bodies. Majority are briefcase parties and they have never featured on any ballot paper since the advent of multi-party poilitics. Thats why I feel that Kalonzo's 'defection' has only succeeded in making LDP an enemy political party in parts of Ukambani and it is expected most MPs from that region will now defect to LPK 'in solidarity with our brother Kalonzo'.

I would have preferred Kalonzo and Uhuru to stay within ODM and democratically fight for whatever party changes they desire in a united coalition. Unfortunately, politics in Kenya is largely driven by tribal inclinations and I suspect that the actions of Uhuru and Kalonzo are first and foremost because of ethnic considerations. And the apprehension from our politicians is higher at this time because of the impending general elections and you will appreciate my concerns when parliament is official desolved in a few weeks time!

When will this circus end?

Sue said...

Thanks Phil for your comment.

Its very sad that tribal inclination affects politics in Kenya. Most politicians brand others tribal leaders, now we see them in their true colors. If they are true democrats why issue demands then move from one party to the other.

I hope Kenyans don’t make a mistake again by voting in tribalists. Otherwise there would be no meaningful change in this country.

Hope this circus ends soon.