Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Campaigning the Kenyan style

Campaigns are here with us again with less than four months to go for elections, if it is done in December as a tradition.

This are the times when all sorts of political songs will be sang in rallies and Radio stations. One would realize some politicians are good singers some are not when they go off tune before they get far.

Our politicians are also good comedians, they tell all kinds of jokes and use all sorts of proverbs to support their stand or against an opponent.

This makes watching news on TV and listed to Radio stations interesting than watching soap operas and comedies.

On the other hand our politicians and wanainchi like using corrupted songs composed for other reasons or occasions. Mostly they corrupt Christian songs, a good example is yote ya wezekana bila Moi meaning everything is possible without the former President Moi, this was the main chorus in 2002 elections when the former retired. This song is a common Church chorus which is normally sang yote ya wezekana kwa imani (Everything is possible with faith).

The other common one especially a hit with Hon. Kajwang’ is bado mapambano (the fight is still on). This is also another one from Church choruses.

In 2002 Gigi Gidi and Maji Maji’s hit Unbwogable (we cannot be scared) was also a hit with our politician, at least with this one they also invited the duo to sing in their campaigns.

I do not like the idea of our politicians singing corrupted songs in their favor unless they have the authority from the musicians. However most Christian choruses are not originally from Kenya that’s why no one has came up to claim that politicians are pirating their songs.

Politicians should compose their own choruses or pay musicians to do their campaign songs wanainchi should also be discouraged against this trend. There are very creative youths who are capable of composing such songs but are not empowered. They can take advantage of this to empower these up coming musicians. This would create employment and also get them more votes.

Am looking forward to hear new hits this time round.


Anonymous said...

This is good one.

Politicians are abit creative and they pick all sorts of issues/songs and use them to meet their ambitions.

I think the worse they sing like "bado mapambano" and " Kibaki ni maua" the better it is for the audience.Actually is there anything in politics that is professional.I doubt?

Anonymous said...

Kama si wewe nyundo tungekwaje leo?

That is the new one coming soon for Raila.

Kenya is a christian state let them sing christian tunes with all their hearts. Now that Bishop Wanjiru and Muiru are coming on board the choir will be fantastic soon political rallies will be full of "kunena na lughya" as the political spirit leads..........

Haaaaaaaaaa I love that.


Anonymous said...

Kenyan young musicians sing a lot of crap and copying the west. This could be a good way to make money from a worthy cause from meaningful singing.

Meet black singles said...

Sadly everything politicians say is as good as a drunkard's babble. Come 2017 you will see the same old clowns promising us the moon and the stars after failing to honor their previous ones.