Monday, September 3, 2007

ODM elections review

Last week I did a post on ODM elections and added a poll on the right side of my blog with the five candidates. I promised to review it this week.

The results of my poll were as follows:

Mr. Raila Odinga – 80%
Mr. Musalia Mudavadi – 10%
Mr. William Ruto – 10%
Mr. Najib Balala – 0%
Mr. Joseph Nyaga – 0%

It is now 3 days after the election, as many of you know Mr.Raila Amolo Odinga emerged the winner with a very big percentage and is now the Presidential candidate.

This did not come to me as a surprise because Mr. Raila Odinga was like a leader of Orange Democratic Movement. He is more popular at the grass root more than the other candidates, for his political achievements over the years and his fight for democracy. According the poll that was conducted earlier by Infotrak Research and Consulting Read more

The speeches by the five leaders were really encouraging, my expectations as a Kenyan is change and ready to support anyone willing to bring true change to make this country a better place for all regardless of tribe, religion, gender and race.

Just like it was said, this is just the beginning, the battle is still on. The ODM Choir Master Mr. Otieno Kajwang and his band sang their anthem bado mapambano (the battle is still on). However I wish the choir master could come up with new hits, my be his band is working on them, something that is not common or from a church chorus like I mentioned on this post Campaigning Kenyan style

I wish them all the best in the tough journey to State House.


Phil said...

Sue, taken the political history of this country and Africa as a whole, it will be useful if we can recognise that both ODM and ODM-K have done this country very proud by successfully conducting internal primaries in their respective political parties.

It shows Kenya's multi-party democracy is coming of age and the common mwananchi is finally participating in selecting individuals who compete for national leadership in a general election. This is not an achievement we want to trash.

Since the performance of the Official Oppostion KANU has been pathetic and/or non-existent, how I wish the current Government would learn from ODM / ODM-K, as there are high probabilities the GNU will be the official opposition in a few weeks time.

Sue said...

Phil you are right both ODMs have conducted their internal elections successfully and orderly.

Kasarani was nicknamed kisirani because of KANU, so people expected kisirani but it never was.

The common mwananchi has spoken and proved that they support democracy not tribalism.

There are people in the current Government who never learn or change so I don't expect them to do the same. Those within them who learnt something and need a change should vacate before its too late.

Anonymous said...

I really wonder what the results could have been if Kalonzo Musyoka and Raila were together in this.I known the composition of delegetes could have not changed significally apart from the Eastern provice.

What votes could Raila have lost to Kalonzo?

Anyway we are all happy at the way this went.But Kalonzo and Raila need to come together (kalonzo with a less voice now). However if that does not happen, Kalonzo seem to on the verge of doom than Raila.

Ruto and his brothers who conceded defeat I salute you all.

Narc-K we are waiting for your election.It is undemocrative to sell Kibaki without a contest. How would you gauge his strength.

These youth who were singing for Kibaki reellection the other day; I thought you were to gutuka nad bring a youthfull blood in leadership.Is Kibaki the young oner you have found?
Disappointing youth.