Monday, September 17, 2007

Village girl Vs Town girl

Many men in Kenya still believe that a town girl is a“mjuaji” (know it all), spoilt with bad morals. You would find a man living in Nairobi going to get a wife upcountry when ready to marry.

A relative once told my boyfriend (now my husband) to avoid Nairobi girls. That relative from upcountry thought that girls found in towns especially Nairobi are bad news and not wife material. My husband did not listen to that and went ahead to marry me and I believe he considers his marriage a happy one. There are many ladies who have been dropped simply because they were brought up in town and the husbands to be thought that they are not the right type.

It is true that though brought up in town are a bit different from the up country ones. They see thinks differently and are likely not to accept some things. The upcountry men may get it difficult to accept the reality of the town life and the town lady may also get it difficult to embrace the reality of village life. One should only know that the two sets of life (village and town) exist and couple can be in either of the two.

Education alone has not enlightened men on this. There are very educated ones who still think the same. Some Professors also have gone ahead to look for wives in the village hoping that is where the good breed comes from. Interestingly, village ladies seem not to prefer village men and would like to be married to men from the cities.

My question is that are village born ladies better than city born ladies if one is looking for a wife? Is ones character determined by where she is born or brought up? I know a lot happens in our cities that can influence the character of an individual.

I think that this issue should be approached case by case. I strongly believe that our cities still have good ladies just like the one my husband got. But there are also rotten ones as well. At the same time the villages also have the two groups. There are village girls who once they come to town become worse. Men should know that marrying a village girl does not mean she will remain there. You will get work in the city and bring that village lady to the city and from there you will have the town girl you have been trying to avoid. It is for this reason that I think people should be judged by their natural character not by where they were brought up.


Anonymous said...

Interesting! facts...
bravo bravo

Silica said...

Very funny.

Marry a village girl and she will put your child in a fridge to cool down his/her temprature/fever.


Sue said...

Silica, thats a funny one, but I don't think they are all that naive.

Kenyanomics said...

The same dilemna applies to African brodas in the US (maybe in Europe, too). They debate whether to tie knot with sisters wenye wameenda majuu or go back home for wives.

kenyaonly said...

lol@silica and i agree with Kenyanomics, but one thing that people forget when you get that one from shags or (back home na uko majuu) when she shanuka's it gets worse. best thing is get one from your circles

Ssembonge said...

The modern woman is high maintenance like a brand new Range Rover 4.6 HSE. Requires a lot of attention, pampering and quality time. And not to forget emotionally explosive like a scud missile.

On the other hand, the village girl is submissive, low maintenance, loyal, pleasing, a good 'helper' and does not like to ruffle feathers.

If you had a choice, who would you pick?

Sue said...

Kenyanomics I agree that can be a dilemma for our brothers out there. Kenyaonly is right ones the girl chanuka's she gets worse. It just like the house girls we get from shags once they chanuka you cannot control her. The next thing she disappears then her relative blames us.

Ssembonge, that’s an interesting description of a modern woman. I believe you directed the question to me.

It a difficult question for me because am a lady, most of us ladies get our men in town and fall in love without thinking that he grew up in the village or not. So long us he is responsible and enlightened. I would do the same if I were a man.