Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Exporting Crime to the neighbouring countries

This is an email from my friend working in a neighbouring country, who feels that Kenyan’s are exporting crime to other countries.

A Tanzanian colleague once told me that it is Kenyan’s who introduced crime in Tanzania. I could not believe this because I think crime is all over the world.

I hope you have been keenly reading this. Kenyans are now declared criminals. They have been stealing all over the neighbouring countries: Uganda, Tanzania, Sudan, and many others. They have been actually robbing violently. Recently there were also cases of forgery by Kenyans in the US and other crimes. These are very shameful acts that must be addressed by our leaders. I personally condemn this act in the strongest term possibly.

Those involved though some are now dead, are tarnishing the name of our beloved country, making people view us working in these countries badly. This would greatly jeopardize revival of EA community. They have left a smelling wound in the relation with our neighbours.


My question is why so many crimes lately?


Anonymous said...

This incident is disturbing and a big shame.I am leaving in Southern Sudan and we kenyans are viewed as criminals.Who knows they might say that we leave this country.

I want to say a point and say it straigh; this culture of thieving and robbery is from one ethnic group and we all know it well in Kenya. I also come from that tribe and they are known for this illegal practice. My message to parents of that tribe (if you dont know the tribe I am talking about check the list of those killed in Tanzania), please tell your chieldren to be God fearing it is a shame.

My one name is Kamau and I wanted to go to Tanzania the other days I was plainly told that Kikuyu robbers are not allowed in Tanzania. I felt ashamed?

Who bewitched us?

Wakamau (Innocent Kenyan) in sudan.

Sue said...

Anonymous I find it funny that you say you are from this tribe then again you refer to them as they and that tribe.

I dont believe that Tanzanian authorities stop Kenyans traveling to their country because of their tribe. I havent heard of such complaints.

May be am behind news

Peter Onyango said...

I love the contribution on this one. For sure the Kenyans that are engaged in this act are ashaming us a great deal.I know criminals are spread all over in all tribes but the act is bad and evil.

As kenyans we should not think that crime is done by one ethnic groups we have see Cheruyot, Simiyu,Kalonzo,Wanugu,Omondi,etc involved in crime; so I think it is not limited to one tribe.

I also dont know if there are limitation of one tribe visiting Tanzania but Kenyan are now under close look whenever they want to go their simply because of this criminal act of the recent days.It may also be true that all those killed came from one kenyan ethnic group but this may not be seen as if criminals are only born there. I totally disagree.

My message is that let us promote peaceful living and shun crime in Kenya.

Peter Onyango


Anonymous said...

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