Tuesday, September 11, 2007

The month of September

September is a month that I regard highly compared to other months, its historical and my lucky month.

These are some of the reasons why I say it is historical and my lucky month:-

1. I was born in September
2. It starts with the letter S as my name.
3. 3 of us in our family, my sister & my only brother were born in September
4. My first son was born in September. I nearly got my daughter in September when she was due 1st week of September and decided to come earlier in August.

There are other events that took place this September that caught my attention, the main one was Orange Democratic Movement in Kenya decided to choose their Presidential candidate on 1st September, may be it was also a good month for them, everything went on smoothly despite disagreements they had earlier, causing a break up with ODM K.

On the other hand there is an historical event that took place in the month of September that makes me wonder why these people chose September.

Todayis 6 years since September 11 bombing attacks in the USA. . This left me and many wondering why these suicide bombers decided to end their lives together with thousands of innocent people on this day and especially in this month.

This brought a dark cloud to September a month that I have always considered very bright and full of hope. Despite what happened to the people in the US, I still regard this month as very important to my family.


Majonzi said...

are you Virgo the Virgin like me? Its September baby :)

Sue said...

Welcome to my blog Majonzi. Am not a Virgo am a Libra.

Ssembonge said...

Happy birthday to us. Hope you have a fun-filled b-day.

I have written a similar post, titled 'september, to remember' detailing the transitions that I've gone through in Sept. I decided against posting it but i'll keep the draft.

Sue said...

Ssembonge do you mean you were also born in September? Thats nice and thanks for your wishes, my birthday will be in the last week of September.

Happy birthday to all of us born in September.

By the way may be you should just publish your post "September to remember".

Ssembonge said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Ssembonge said...

Thanks for your wishes. I've just finished commemorating my birthday. The older I get the more the days I commemorate my bday.

By the time I'm 60 it will be a month long affair starting at least one week before the actual day.

God willing if I live to be 90 years it will be a year long affair.

Just like the queen of england.

As for the post, it has joined the list of the many posts that I will not publish.