Thursday, September 20, 2007

Defection to ODM are these the victor’s signs?

Kiss FM radio normally hosts Kwamchetsi Makokha on Mondays to talk on politics and check the level of political temperature. I believe the political temperature is now rising, heading to fever levels.

Now that the President has officially defected to PNU or PANU from NARC, when everyone thought he would defect to the flower party NARC Kenya. The race to State House for the 3 horses ODM, ODM-K and PANU has officially begun. Many people say there are only two horses and the third animal may be a donkey. I believe you all know which one it is but lets wait till the race is done.

This is the time for deciding the best party that can assure a politician of getting a civic or parliamentary post. This is the time for mass defections. You defect wrongly and you fail. Electorates only know the parties they are not interested in, the name and it is normally a three pieces suit (President, MP and Councilor).

I believe the party that gets most defectors is the party to watch in this coming election. The presidential candidate of that party is the man to watch (no woman so far). The defections are going to be numerous in the near future but watch where they go to not where they come from.

The mood on the ground will dictate the movements of those defecting; those shopping around should watch out for this and should not waste their money campaigning when they are in the wrong parties.

Two Presidential candidates have so far chosen their running mates Mr. Raila Odinga of ODM, who chose Mr. Musalia Mudavadi from western province and Mr. Kalonzo Musyoka of ODM-K chose Prof. Julia Ojiambo also from Western.

The President also seems to be eying western province with his week long tour of western province even going door to door asking for votes. Western province is the province with beautiful political brides to woe. Two have so far been booked for marriages.

Mr. Kalonzo Musyoka said his choice of Prof. Julia Ojiambo is historical for being the first party to choose a woman as a running mate. If women in Kenya would take that statement seriously and vote because of that fact,then his party would easily sail to State House because women are the majority in Kenya. However voting pattern in Kenya shows that women prefer voting for popular men instead of voting for a woman just for the sake of it.

I asked my house help from western province how Prof. Julia Ojiambo would do in Western if she was a Presidential candidate. The answer I got shocked me, I don’t know if its was ignorance or what. She answered me huyo mama si mjui (I don’t know that woman).

This clearly may demonstrate that the professor is little known in her home land.
Anyway now major defections have started taking place, the strongest party is gaining. Mr. Cyrus Jirongo formally of Kanu YK2 defected to ODM and was full of praises for Mr. Raila Odinga read more. Mrs. Tabitha Seii who has vied for Keiyo South a number of times to unseat Mr. Biwott unsuccessfully visited Orange house. That I can say is a sign of defection to come.

Who therefore seems to control Western. Raila has Musalia while Kalonzo has the Professor. PANU has some but has not decided on who is the best before they defect (most likely). Are these the signs of where the direction of victory is heading to?


Kilimatila said...

Sue you are very informative.You said that there seems to be two horse in the race. I am reading the same in East African standard website to day. Who is copying who?

The rush to join ODM is thrilling and everybody seem to go for that. Surely are these the signs already?

kibaki has to change strategy in one way of the other otherwise he is loosing.

Raira and his pentagon seem to be on top gear and unless some very bad thing happens, the writings are on the wall.

This is unbelivable. I further predict that Kalonzo and Ngilu will back Raila. If this happen then Kibaki will remain with mt. Kenya group only. I cant see him winning in such a formular.

As a christian my prayer is that God give us a good leader.

Kilimatila Meru

Sue said...

Thanks Kilimatila. I think you are referring to a commentary. If that the case its not a copy of my original post.

True the rush for ODM is thrilling. I hope they will nominate leaders in a democratic manner and not favor relatives and friends who don’t perform.

Every concerned Kenyan is praying for a good leader to change this country to be a better place for everyone, not for himself and his tribe's selfish gains.