Saturday, September 29, 2007

How to become famous in Kenya

We have famous people in Kenya like, business men & women, politicians, lobby groups, comedians and actors, religious leaders, journalists etc. They are famous because they interact with more people compared to the common man or woman. They appear in the media more than other people for many reasons. However there are some who became famous for bad reasons like criminals and hooligans.

I believe that when one wants to became famous in Kenya, it is very easy especially now during elections. Sometimes it happens in a very unfortunate way like a woman aspirant beaten up by people believed to be an opponent. The media highlights the story and people get to know the person.

Lobby groups stage protests against politicians like the recent ones against MPs' send off pay packs. Someone like me did not know Ms. Ann Njogu until she was rescued by Minister Charity Ngilu for participating in civil society protests. We have seen people coming out of nowhere and becoming famous for funny reasons that end up being a success.

I can give an example of how a young man or woman can gain fame very easily. He or she can come up with a group called Maendeleo ya Vijana and registering it, then appear in a group of young people at the law courts to call for the release of University Students arrested for staging a protest like the recent one against Political attacks in Kisii. Within a short time people will get to know about the group, after that young people will want to get registered in the group.

This is how Mr. Nderitu Njoka started Maendeleo ya Wanaume. He appeared in support of Mr. Kamangu of the famous case of Bishop Margaret Wanjiru vs. Mr. Kamangu the man who claims he was her husband. Within no time the guy became famous and would appear in the media talking about issues relating to men.

He was at it again for a very funny reason. When KTN brought the story on News Shot yesterday I thought it was about Mr. Kamangu and wondered what he is up to now. I waited eagerly to see what Maendeleo ya Wanaume had this time. Then I realized he was fighting for a noble cause that many have ignored for years. Women and International groups have been fighting mainly for the rights of the girl child but not the boy child. So Njoka brought up a good issue.

However he has started with the case of a particular boy who is not a living thing. He is a sculpture. This is a picture of the naked boy carrying fish at Nairobi law courts that Mr. Njoka is fighting for his rights.
Njoka says the boy’s rights have been abused for being displayed naked in public; he wants the boy dressed up and the government to stop the fountain splashing hot or cold water on the boy Oops! I couldn’t help laughing all through and wonder if that is something worth fighting for.

Then I realized he could be right because women would do the same if there were a sculpture of a girl or a woman in a public place. It has taken many years for people to see this, we all thought it’s just a sculpture of a small boy and there was nothing wrong with it.

On the other hand Mr. Njoka is gaining more fame as the chairman of a group that others even male politicians never thought of starting. You never know he may also be eyeing a parliamentary seat this year or in the next elections.

That is how easy one can become famous in Kenya.


Joe said...

Hi Sue!
Nice comments there on how to become popular in Kenya though i do not wholly agree with you on Mr Nderitu Njoka's MYW.

A request: Would you please post me his (Nderitu Njoka) contact address, phone number, etc if you may happen to know it. I need to get in touch with him urgently.

Thanks and God bless!

Sue said...

Hi Joe thanks for visting my blog. I don't have Mr. Nderitu Njoka's contact. If I happen to find it I will forward to you.

Anonymous said...

Hi Sue!
Joe here again. Iam still waiting for Mr Nderitu Njoka's contact. I'm also doing my best to get it from anywhere else. In the meantime, your blog/site continues to inspire me. May the good Lord bless you Sue, especially during this Christmas holiday. Did you check out my blog too at

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